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How to make a website?

How to make a website?

A website is a way to share information to the whole world. we can make website visibility to private or public. we can create website for our office, for blogging, for our profolio, for our business or for creating an online shopping website.

A website creation is not a difficult process. Now a days, it is the easiest way to make a website for any purpose. We can create any website without having a knowledge of coding or web languages. There are many drag and drop website builders in the market. for example WIX.COM is a decent example for drag and drop builders. 

In this post we will know some basic steps to make a simple website online without any coding language.

Here are some simple steps for creating any website:

1. Buying a domain name:

This is a most important step to create any website. A domain is like a root in any website. Website without domain has no ID. A domain name is an address to access any website. For example, when we want to access GOOGLE, we need to go to or Now, is a domain name for GOOGLE. Now you understand the importance of a domain name.

We can buy a domain from any online domain store, e.g GODADDY, NAMECHEAP, GOOGLE DOMAINS etc.

2. Buying a Hosting:

Hosting is also an important part for our website. This is like a backbone of any website. Only domain name is not important for making a website. Hosting is like a virtual machine which allows you to store data files and date base of any website. There is also some more features in hosting plans but these are some of important plans. Hosting allows us to share any file on the internet and domain is a way to find that file on a wide world of internet.

These two steps are some of important steps to create any website and these are common. we will continue this process very soon with another post. To stay updates with more steps to create a website online, join our newsletter with your email address only. 

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