Wednesday, 15 May 2019

How To Make Admob Account

How To Make Admob Account

Hey, guys are facing problem while creating Admob Account, there is an easy way to create your AdMob account for free. There are just a few steps to get into the Admob Account.
Steps Required:
  • Gmail Id
  • Your Real Name & Age
  • Phone Number
  • Government ID
  • Your Address Verification.

Gmail Account:

Guys, for creating an Admob account you must have Gmail account because these are the Google products and it doesn't work without Gmail account. It's pretty much easy to create a Gmail account it will be done in just a few steps.

Admob Account:

Now simply go to the AdMob site and click on sign up button, for this step you must have the correct information you must give all the information correct. Like you should use your real name also your address, Phone Number.

Why All Information within the government ID:

Google wants a real user to be in their platform and for this, you must use your real data for Admob account because they sent. if you got failed to verify so may you got banned or your ads serving to get stopped.



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